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Vegan Insta Bloggers!

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but here are a few of our favorite vegan Instagram bloggers. Have more to add? Leave a comment below!

@uaveggiecats -- Enough said :)

@peta -- The classic. Advocacy and vegan news, plus a smattering of memes.

@peta2 -- Very similar to @peta, but a touch more focused on humor and warm fuzzies than graphic images and horrifying stories. But still includes a balance of both.

@vegan -- Compiles vegan recipes from other bloggers, also pretty vegan drawings. Very artsy.

@aesthetickale -- Lots of vegan memes, many of them also vegucational. Also sells vegan clothing.

@meggy_croal -- Basically her life updates. Lots of vegan food, mental health, positive relationship with food, college life stuff. Also a bit of fitness stuff and dog pics. Radiates positive energy :)

@vegainstrength -- The best vegan infographics! Always has credible sources. Primary focus is health, but also includes lots of stuff on environment and ethics.

@vegainsfood -- Same guy as @vegainstrength. Healthy vegan food porn, and always includes recipes :)

@vegansidekick -- Vegan comics for when you’re mad at the non-vegan world, lol.

@fatgayvegan -- Eating out vegan while traveling, new vegan foodstuffs.

@naturallystefanie -- Mostly fitness, but plenty of vegan food too! @ellenfisher -- Tropical vegan family lifestyle :)

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